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Processing: staircase columns, curved rounds, vases, tables and chairs, European stair columns, wooden hangers and washbasins, cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical and other complex shapes of revolving wood products or wooden semi-finished products.
Belt grinding device
CNC woodworking lathe operating system features:
★ Processing speed is fast.
Control: Using mature CNC controller, the work is stable, and the installation and debugging is simple. Adopt international standard CNC language G code. Support a variety of software. Extension of technical functions.
Motion: High-precision stepper motor drive, ensuring accurate machining dimensions, using Taiwan guide rails, combined with ball screw drive, strong environmental adaptability, not afraid of dust. Ensure machining accuracy. Frequency control, spindle automatic operation, high degree of processing automation.
Bed: Casting, stable structure, high-frequency quenching and grinding imported straight square rail, small vibration, can ensure high-precision machining.

Model 1530
working area 1500mmX300mm
max diameter  300mm
working length 1500mm
control system DSP
Frequency converter best
driver YK2D811
lathe Cast iron bed
motor 5.5kw
transfer method High precision TBI ball screw
spindle 3.5kw air cooling (optional)



What is the products looks like is dependent on  how you design it ,This machine support CAD design ,the file format is can be:PLT ,DXF,AI..... 

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